Great shopping experience.

The Origami eCommerce solution provides your customer with every tool necessary to have a perfect shopping experience.

It enables the integration of content and commerce - bringing the best of both worlds together to create engaging commerce experience for brands to tell a fully cohesive story that drives loyalty, trust and conversion.

Category Expertise.

We know what matters most in your industry.

Product catalog management.

Create and define various types of products you'll be selling.

Enable your product & marketing teams to easily set up and manage all your product catalogues from a central system. Create perfect presentation for your products, with rich and engaging content.

  • Physical/Virtual products
  • Mass product import
  • Product groups/categories
  • Product attributes (properties)

Order management.

Enable your back office team to easily process online orders and manage their status.

Leverage the eCommerce platform that gives you the tools and flexibility to innovate, customize and integrate with your business systems to handle complex orders and workflows.

  • Order fulfilment workflows
  • Order statuses management
  • Order index, filtering & history
  • Custom order fields

Special offers & Promotions Management.

Grow your sales with special offers, promotions, discounts, and custom pricing targeted at specific customers.

Enable your product and marketing teams to run promotions easily, set pricing terms and have more control to execute successful campaigns.

  • Best-selling products
  • Discounts and limited time offer
  • Upsell offers for existing customers
  • Gift products

Advanced TV Channels Management

Provide your users with relevant information on your TV schema.

Provide your marketing and product team with support for easily changeable TV channels schema. Your back office team will have possibility to easily manage TV channels and their positions across packages and different geo locations.

Data & Reporting system.

Gain actionable data insights, & identify and optimize conversion paths.

Origami eCommerce helps you understand which purchase paths and upsell cycles are your most successful as well as troubleshoot cart abandonment.

Payment & Delivery methods management.

Get paid easily and set up custom shipping rules.

Choose from various supported gateways or easily add support for another one with Origami eCommerce easy- to-integrate API. Also, set up multiple shipping methods and define their availability rules.

  • Delivery methods management
  • Easy integration with 3rd party service
  • Payment methods management
  • Integration with PayPal and bank systems and other 3rd payments

Complaints management.

Manage user requests and complaints promptly and in a best way.

Your back office team will have a strong tool for complaints fulfillment. End users will have possibility to oversee complaint fulfillment and additionally engage with your brand.

  • Managing complaints through statuses
  • Reporting to customer during the process of fulfillment
  • Leaving comments to team peers or for a customer
  • Managing predefined complaint types

Product ratings and reviews module.

Enhance your appearance with user-generated content.

Enable leaving reviews and ratings on each product or service you sell. People believe in word of mouth.

  • Ratings collection
  • Comments moderation system
  • Admin responses available
  • Rate a comment

Configure packages on your own.

Provide your customers with choice.

Enable customers to create bundles that best suit their needs. Perfect combination made by customer is a key for a long-term customer engagement with your brand.

  • Tailor-made offer
  • Quantity of resources that best meets customer needs

Content + Commerce. Best from both worlds.

Origami offers Content Management and Ecommerce in a single application, bridging the gap between these two technologies.

Origami eCommerce is natively integrated with Origami Content Studio delivering the ability to enrich the shopping experience with contextual content, optimized product pages, and the capability to easily launch campaigns and special-offer microsites.