Today, content means business.

Content Studio is a full-featured high performance CMS.

It enables brands & organizations to create, distribute, analyze and monetize their content across websites, apps, social media channels and more - from a single point of management.

Category Expertise.

We know what matters most in your industry.

Page Layout Manager.

Unlimited configurability, flexibility and modularity.

We decouple front-end page management from core CMS which allows sites and page designs to be highly customizable – you will have full control over visual aspects of your site, removing any dependency on us.

Core Templates.

No more starting from scratch - share & reuse features and templates.

Use our templates and features as a starting point to get the job done faster. Enable non-technical users from your marketing team to intuitively create and manage websites, landing pages and more.


Multiportal, multilanguage & multichannel.

Quickly deliver your content experience across different regions, languages, screens, and channels - from one unified interface.

Multiple portals with multiple language & structure versions can be managed from one place. Content is pre-formatted for all output channels to be best viewed and consumed on web, mobile, apps, and social networks.

Gamification & Brand advocacy tool.

Engage, empower, motivate.

Involve users in content through gamifying the experience by interacting with it. Users can get rewarded for rating and sharing content on most of their social profiles.

Interactive, content rich & SEO friendly.

Rich digital experiences.

Provide users with ways to interact, give feedback and spread articles, images, videos, promo content, GIFs, social posts, audio, and more - all fully optimized for the race to the top of the search engines.


More personalization, more freedom for users. More user data gathered, better targeting.

Origami Content Studio enables you to target content for different audiences based on user preferences, from simple to complex, based on your needs.

Powerful built-in search.

Configure your search results any way you need.

Origami Content Studio is built with a powerful search engine, making finding, editing, and creating content as frictionless as it gets. It also provides you with ultimate control over handling any front end search results.

Native apps & Push notifications.

Automated content distribution.

Manage your native apps, distribute your content and push notifications across mobile - all from one place.

Share. Like. Love. Get social.

Origami Content Studio can integrate with any popular social platform including Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube and more.

No more usernames and passwords - let your users easily create, register and log in to your portal/app using their social media accounts.

Origami Content Studio is powerful.

It's even more powerful with Managed Services.

With WM as your single partner for platform and support, you will get the help you need, with the security you require and flexibility you want - without the hassle and costs of going elsewhere to get it.