Own your digital experience.

Origami platform is a large-scale digital experience management solution targeted at helping companies establish and maintain their online business. Created and developed by Wireless Media.

A single hub for your entire digital team. A cohesive experience for all your customers.

All your digital assets can be managed from a single point of control, using unified tools. This in return reduces costs and improves organizational effectiveness. It also improves overall UX through cohesive layout and enables a lot simpler upgrades, maintenance and staff training.


Content Studio.

Custom CMS with an advanced e-commerce platform built-in, along with other services to choose from.
  • Content Aggregator
  • Core Templates (Reusable layout elements)
  • Multi-language, Multi-site, Multi-channel
  • Gamification/Brand Advocacy Tool
  • . . .


Extend your brand through digital product presence and sales by delivering smart buying experience.
  • Product/Bundle Information Management
  • Shopping Cart/Checkout Process
  • Wishlist, Promotions, Discounts, Recommendations
  • Order History, Shipment Tracking, Order Analytics
  • . . .